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“I had stopped smoking for 8 years before starting again when my son went to Afghanistan. I decided it would calm my nerves and stop me from also gaining more weight, which seemed to be getting easier and easier to put on. I tried the patch and it worked while I had it on, but as soon as I took it off I would start smoking again.

I have never been able to go one day without a cigarette without the patch on. I hated smoking, hated the smell, and I hated the way I felt about myself when I smoked. I knew I needed more help if I was ever going to stop. Then someone told me how she had quit with hypnosis here in Summerside, so one Monday I decided to call you, Ed. I had a good feeling about what you told me, so I made an appointment and thought I would be quitting that first day, But you explained that I first needed to find out why I do some of the things I do, and how I could be the person I deserved to be.

When I left the first session I felt like a different person and the next week I found it unbelievably easy for me to throw away my cigarettes. I have never looked back. Friends at work tell me I am different—happier, more content, more confident, and less of a people pleaser. I speed walk, watch my eating and smile a lot when I think ‘Wow, I’m a non-smoker, and I am going to be here for my family as long as possible.’ I realize that I can’t be around smokers all the time, because other smokers don’t want you to quit. You may lose a few friends, but what is important is what you need to do for yourself.”

— Alice P.

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